Disorganized Files COST YOU MONEY

  • Each of your employees loses an average 2 hours per day

    • searching for files

    • creating new ones because they can’t find their current ones

    • comparing versions

    • re-purposing content

  • With an average loaded salary of $75K per year, if your company has 50 employees, that means you lose almost $1M per year.

  • If your organization has 50 employees and you fix this problem, it’s like getting 10 free employees- you’ll find that much more productivity.

  • Investing $250K to fix this issue will bring a return in as little as 10 months

  • Overwhelmed is the new normal - if you have 50 employees, investing $250k in our solution will add in the productivity of 10 new staff and reduce employee stress

Disorganized Files COST YOU TIME

  • Have you ever spent a 1/2 hour searching for something you know you received but can’t remember where you put it?

  • Have you gone into a folder in a hurry to grab the most current version and found: “Document_Name FINAL FINAL (2)”?

  • Has someone left the organization and their knowledge went with them?

  • Searching for documents, recreating them, or comparing new versions, takes on average, 1.75 hours per person, per day.

  • Wasted time causes stress and frustration

  • It’s not enough to fix how your employees find things if the place where they store them is disorganized

  • A new model is needed: one that’s long-term, person-independent, and reduces the risk of lost knowledge and time searching and comparing

Implement a File model that works for you

  • Key lessons learned from over 70 business areas

  • Proven ways to boost productivity

  • Foundations that transform your business

  • Tried-and-true 7-step process

  • Save almost 1 1/2 hours per day, per person

  • Discover new ways to collaborate within your teams and with your clients


Productivity comparison: BEFORE AND AFTER

Project gained back 1.4 hours per day of productive time per person

Project gained back 1.4 hours per day of productive time per person


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