Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision is to organize your critical documents and other information that is behind your firewalls and represents your competitive advantage.

Corporate information behind firewalls, represents 99% of the world’s information and is not visible when an internet search is performed.

This information is often randomly organized, or if it is organized is done from a personal perspective that is not shared by everyone in the company and therefore navigating through it is frustrating and stressful. When you are looking through this mess, you often know it is there, which is even more frustrating, and since you can’t find it you often end up recreating it or search through emails or other notes to take an older version and add what you think are the updates since the last version.

Not only is this exercise incredibly unproductive it is performed every day by your employees and takes up on the average almost two hours of their day or ten hours per week. For a forty hour week, that is a 25% hit on productivity across the board. That is like losing the productivity of 2 people for every 10 that you an employ; a very expensive problem.

Our mission is to fix that by putting into place for you, proven, simple processes and systems so your information is easy to find, easy to store and completely mobile. This will really change the nature of your organization because it will increase teamwork and the flow of ideas, essentially providing a boost for your growth.