enterprise content management in 7 steps

Stephen Madsen’s Enterprise Content Management in 7 Steps outlines a best-practices approach to managing an organization’s vast content of documents, spreadsheets and presentations.  The solution blends the worlds of Information Technology and Information Management to reinvent the enterprise content platform so that whether documents are created by a team of employees, displayed on the Intranet or Internet, an integral part of a workflow or e-form, or even accessed by another application, the content is easy to find, manage and control.  Stephen has worked in over 30 organizations ranging in size from small firms to Fortune 500 companies, and knows that no organization is immune to the problems of finding, sharing, governing and managing information.  As we enter a fast-paced digital age it will be ever more critical for organizations to get control of their geometrically-increasing libraries of documents, reduce the complexity of managing their content, tighten up governance controls, and serve up everything on a mobile platform.  This book will show you how to get launched on a program that will take you to that end state.


  • Covers the struggles as well as the successes so you can more easily relate to your circumstances
  • Scalable solution, to fit any size of organization
  • No theories that don’t work, just practical, proven steps to make it simpler to put in place a foundation for success
  • Many templates and examples to follow that you can rip from the document to make it easier for you to start


  • Business reasons for launching a program
  • Problems and and roadblocks that can be encountered
  • A story about the struggle and a story about a success
  • Solution steps and examples
  • Detailed information to build a business case
  • Templates for executive presentation
  • Project risks, an example plan and schedule